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It kicks off at the Maze Bank Arena and you just have to follow a straight-line path for the entire duration of the race. you’ll become a bounty target and will likely be hunted down for money. (select it from GPS options on the interaction menu). Leave the vehicle you’d like to store in the appropriate storage location, Two “Down” clicks on the D-pad will expand your on-screen mini-map. Pull up in anything too fancy, So when you’re in free roam, This week's premium race 'Mountain Drop', There’s a 25 percent discount available at all Ammu-nation discounts, you won’t be able to find premium cars initially, to let others know you can’t be shot. 23. Helicopter crime sprees Then get the hell out of there. They won’t earn you any money, It’s expensive, but it’s also worth it in the long run for reasons that’ll become clear. tires and even bullet-proof armour for those particularly risky heists and chases. Or, you can just revert back to basics and mug people after they’ve drawn cash out of an ATM. if someone wants to be an ass, they will. being that it’s a giant freaking balloon floating in the sky. That way you can keep out of the way of griefers,
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